Deploy, Build, & Engage

Meraki APIs make it possible to rapidly deploy and manage networks at scale, build on a platform of intelligent, cloud-connected IT products, and engage with users in powerful new ways

What can you do with the Meraki API?

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Cisco Meraki Platform capabilities

Easy to learn, simple to use, and constantly updated with powerful new capabilities


Network Automation

Automate the configuration, deployment, and managment of physical and virtual devices in a network.


Wayfinding & Mapping

Map physical spaces to provide directions and context that helps users find their way through and navigate to key locations in your space.


Interactive Guest Wi-Fi

Easily and securely grant Wi-Fi access to visitors on a landing page customized with your brand and content.


Asset Tracking

Track physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using GPS, BLE or RFID tags that broadcast their location.


Video Analytics

Analyze data sourced from Meraki Video Cameras to bring new insights into physical spaces. Instantly derive new business insights into people counting, queue length monitoring, entry & exit behavior and deeper integration with physical security solutions.


IoT & Security

Manage, Integrate and Safeguard IoT devices connected at the edge while protecting the entire network from emerging vulnerabilities.

Learn your way

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Learning Labs

Get guided, actionable lessons with the Cisco Meraki platform Learning Track. Our 15- to 20-minute labs show you where to begin and how to build custom apps.

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Play with features in our Cisco Meraki platform Sandbox, a free 24/7 hosted development lab for integrating and working with code.

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Code Exchange

Check out Cisco Meraki platform examples, sample code, and more on Github. Get inspired by what others have built.